Kanye Lens Vs Soundwave Volume 1 Sicktoria/Covid Edition

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We're all familiar with Melbourne's love affair with Covid. Lockdown 4.0 (June 2021) has been especially stressful from a financial stand point. With the music and event industry in Victoria still in dismay and still being affected by the ripples of the latest restrictions, this is me trying my best to keep my ship afloat.

So... I have a few more copies of this book to sell. These remaining copies are overstock that was held for promotional use and damages/losses.

I really didn't want to sell anymore books after the numbered edition 1-2000 sold out but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Obviously it's the same book as the number edition, it's just not individually numbered. Each book will be hand signed, Welcome to Sicktoria the Covid State and signed by me.

Take an Access All Area's trip though the archives of official Soundwave photographer Kane Hibberd's debut photography book, 'Kanye Lens Vs Soundwave Volume 1'

Since the festival went national in 2008, Kane (aka Kanye Lens) has been on hand to capture every banging head, sweaty riff and thrashing body, that has ensured that each festival has been bigger and better than the one before. His first book, which Kane is self funding and independently publishing, is spread over 450 pages and contains more than 600 colour and BW images of all the action both on and off stage. Including personal commentary on his imagery from artists and crew, the book aims to give a holistic picture to a festival that is now firmly entrenched into the hearts and memories of music fans.

Covers images from 2008 - 2012

For an entire video preview of the book please go to www.youtube.com/kanehibberd or cut and paste the below link into your browser.

Hard Cover : 452 pages
Publisher : The Art Of Capture
ISBN : 978-0-9874720-0-7
Language : English
Product Dimensions : 40mmx239mm x 325mm
Shipping Weight : 3.7kg
Printed In China