Marilyn Manson A2 Print


You are purchasing the actual print in the image. Yes it really exists.

There will be some Framers archival tape attached to the top of the print where it was attached to the mount board.

Marilyn Manson 2009 Festival Hall Melbourne
Signed Kane Hibberd 2 May 2011* (See below for the meaning of these numbers)
Giclee Print using Epson Archival Inks on A2 ( 420mm x 594mm)
Canson Etching Edition 310gsm fine art paper (matte paper)

Posted in a tube.

* The number is not the date. The number represents the amount of times it has been printed at that size. Currently I am only printing at A2 and 30 x 44 in. The month is the month of the print, year is the year. I have just started to do this. Example : 4 May 2013 means it is the 4th time it's been printed and it was printed in May 2013.